Tez Sawicki
Master Teacher, Director

Ewan Kenny
Principal Teacher, Director, Manager

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The Master Game Classes

Daoyin (Daoist Yoga)

Daoist Yoga or Daoyin is the grandfather of Qigong, developed over thousands of years and based on Daoist principles. These classes teach the floor forms which on the outside look similar to other types of yoga but it also develops an awareness of working with Qi, fluids, muscle and tendon. This supports and nourishes the body and allows you to develop a strong level of embodied presence.

Qigong Meditation

Qigong forms combine movement with awareness. We teach a variety of forms including 'Uniting Heaven and Earth' 'Qi Jing Ba Mai' and 'Yi Shen Du Ren'. These are all simple to learn but have a huge amount of potential when developed over time. We also teach seated Meditation based on Daoist and Buddhist techniques. All of these are used to nourish the body and develop mindfulness, tranquility and embodied presence.

Advanced Class

The Master Game - Advanced Class is open to anyone who has attended Gathering Classes for at least 1 year and is prepared to make a stronger commitment to developing their practice. This includes attending workshops and retreats.

Spiralling Dragon Taiji

Spiralling Dragon Taiji is a fluid short form developed from Yang Style. Training in Taiji is available to students who have attended our Qigong classes and shown they have the capacity to engage with and develop this form. In these classes we honour the Martial roots of Tai Chi Chuan but this is not a martial training.