Be loose and easy, let the mind and body be one.
Tez Sawicki

The retreats allow me to practise this gentle and profound work in a space that is without distraction. The setting is beautiful and the house itself is amazing. The group is held respectfully and skilfully by the teachers and the time of silence is a rare opportunity to observe and let go of all the tensions that I tend to carry around, particularly in interactions with others. For me this allows a kind of dropping down and letting go and this depth and clarity that it allows has immense value which I find informs my life in every way.
AK, Edinburgh

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Residential Meditation Retreats

We run two residential meditation retreats each year. These combine a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with a strong meditative intent, which includes 5 days of silence in the week. This combination allows you to let go of many of the restrictions in body and mind that limit our experience of life and to develop a direct relationship with embodied consciousness and a deeper understanding of reality. We encourage all of our students to come on retreat when they can and we have several people who come from further afield such as London, USA, Australia, and the Hebrides who obviously don't attend regular classes with us in Edinburgh but get a huge amount from attending a Gathering Essence retreat. Our next retreat dates are:

Saturday 26th April - Saturday 5th May
Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland £820

“You know those times when there is just this soft easy place, relaxed and energetically vibrant, spacious, tender even, and perhaps occasionally for some people, once in a while, an expansion of awareness so powerful, that it takes our breath away.”

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